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Burch Hydro owns and maintains various types of large pumps ranging from lagoon pumps, to hydraulic submersible pumps, to trash pumps. Often, our pumping services are performed in conjunction with other services such as digester cleaning or lagoon cleaning.


Pumping Services Can Include

  • Delivery and Set-Up of Pumps and Piping
  • Operation of Pump(s)
  • Discharge Monitoring
  • Recordkeeping

Though Burch Hydro is not an equipment rental company, we will occasionally rent out our pumps in specific situations where it makes sense.

Types of Pumps Used

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

These pumps are typically used in pumping down or cleaning out storage tanks. They are extremely adept at handling thick and gritty materials.

Lagoon Pumps

Lagoon pumps are used to remove accumulated materials, such as sludge, manure or sediment, from storage lagoons. They are powered by a tractor PTO and can pump sludges up to and exceeding 40% total solids.

Trash Pumps

These pumps are often used to transfer thick and gritty materials from one location to another.

Chopper Pumps

Some of the municipal sludges encountered by Burch Hydro contain a significant amount of rags and other debris which easily clog ordinary pumps. Chopper pumps pulverize this debris so that pumping is not hindered.

Gasoline Powered Water Pumps

Burch Hydro maintains a variety of smaller water pumps which are often used to manage storm water accumulation in a lagoon during a cleaning operation or to supply water necessary for other services.

Floating Pumps

These are typically used to remove lagoon materials in situations where lagoon pumps are not ideal.

Whatever your pumping needs may be, it is almost certain that Burch Hydro has the right equipment and the know-how to get the job done!

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