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Landfill Disposal of Biosolids and Other Sludge Products

In an ideal world, all biosolids would be land applied or otherwise beneficially reused. However, there are certain situations that can sometimes prevail that require alternate methods of management, including landfill disposal.

Circumstances That May Require Landfill Disposal

Excessive Metals

Municipal sludge that contains one or more pollutant metals above the maximum limit determined by the EPA cannot be land applied unless the pollutant concentration is reduced. In a case such as this, landfill disposal may be the only option.

Inadequate Available Storage

A number of wastewater plants do not have available adequate storage capacity for sludge to last during the times of year when land application is limited, or prohibited. During these times of year, it may be necessary to dispose of sludge in a landfill in order to not exceed plant storage capacity.

Excessive Debris

Unfortunately, it isn’t just sludge that flows into a wastewater plant. Though most plants have screens in place that remove much of the trash that they receive, there is a certain amount that remains. Trash and debris often become concentrated at the bottoms of certain tanks, like digesters, and renders the sludge removed from these tanks unsuitable for land application. In these cases, the sludge must be landfilled.

Landfill Disposal

Landfill Services Provided by Burch Hydro

Landfilling of biosolids and other similar products can be a sole means of disposal, or just one of a number of options built into a biosolids management program. Burch Hydro will evaluate each customer’s needs to determine how best to handle their product.

TCLP Testing & Establishment of a Waste Profile

Municipal waste landfills require each waste stream to have an active and approved waste profile on file. Typically this requires current TCLP test results and submission of other such data required to classify the waste. Burch Hydro can provide the sampling and TCLP testing and can assist in completing the required paperwork to establish and maintain an active waste profile for any landfill.

Sludge Dewatering

Sludge being landfilled must not contain any free liquids, or else solidification becomes necessary. Solidification is not available at all landfills, and when it is, it is extremely costly. Burch Hydro can eliminate this cost by dewatering your sludge on-site prior to delivery to the landfill.

Landfill Disposal Agreements

Disposal agreements can be arranged so that the municipality is directly billed by the landfill or so that Burch Hydro is billed.


Burch Hydro self-performs most landfill hauling which typically results in a savings to the customer.

If your organization requires landfill services for the disposal of biosolids or other sludge, Burch Hydro can help. Click the button below, complete the form and submit it. Or, just give us a call.

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