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Land Application of Biosolids, Lime and Other Nutrient-Rich Products

Land application is the measured distribution of treated municipal sludge (biosolids), lime sludge or other nutrient-rich products on crop ground for the purpose of soil enhancement. Land application is a science that allows the agricultural community to capture and reuse the valuable nutrients in products that would otherwise be considered waste.

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Why you should choose Burch Hydro as your Land Application Specialist

Burch Hydro specializes in the science of land application.


With over 35 years of proficiency in the industry, you won’t find another company more knowledgeable about land application and its benefits or its limitations.


Burch Hydro is continually searching for better methods and new solutions to improve the science behind land application.


We sign our name on every field we apply. Our people are competent and highly-trained and our equipment is current and well-maintained. We work closely with farmers to ensure their satisfaction.


Regulations dictate any land application job from application rates to isolation distances to timing. Also, regulations are often revised and vary state to state. Understanding these regulations and staying current as they change is always a priority at Burch Hydro.


Land application is useless to the farmer if it doesn't provide results. Luckily, the outcome of land application is usually readily apparent in the health of the resulting crop and the yield produced.

Land Application Considerations

Land application is a cost effective and sustainable method of recycling nutrients back into the earth. It can provide an enormous benefit to farmers by reducing the need to purchase chemical fertilizers and by providing a more stable and available form of important nutrients. However, there are a lot of items to consider when determining whether land application is a feasible option for any given field.

Field Location

Soils that are well-drained are preferable for land application.

Field Access

Fields must be accessible by full size trucks for delivery of the materials.

Background Nutrients/Metals

Soils that do not contain abnormally elevated levels of certain metals and potentially polluting nutrients, such a phosphorus, are ideal for the land application of biosolids.

Soil Types

Crop ground within a short distance to a material generator (generally a wastewater plant for biosolids and a water plant for lime) is ideal for land application because the necessary transportation is limited. Also, fields located away from highly residential areas are usually better candidates than those in more densely populated areas.

Field Topography

Fields with little slope and limited proximity to waters of the state are generally more suited for land application, specifically land application of biosolids.

Crop Types and Needs

Land application of biosolids, lime and other materials is a great way to restore and maintain soil health and application rates are adjusted to best meet the needs of planned crops.

Types of Land Application

There are several types of land application. The type of land application performed is dependent on the type of material being applied, characteristics of the field being applied and preferences of the farmer.

Surface Application of Liquid

Burch Hydro uses equipment they designed and built especially for the land application of liquid materials. Units are equipped with high-flotation tires to minimize compaction of the ground during application. Surface application of liquid is accomplished by creating a uniform spray pattern and evenly broadcasting a known volume of material over a known area.

Surface Application of Dewatered Material

Semi-solid materials are land applied using side-slinger spreaders to evenly disperse the material onto the field.

Sub-Surface Injection (Liquid Only)

Injection is ideal in areas where there is a high potential for run-off and in areas where odors may be a concern. Burch Hydro attaches injection units to the back end of their liquid applicators when sub-surface injection is necessary.


Incorporation is typically used with dewatered materials, but can also be used with liquid. Burch Hydro maintains equipment capable of properly incorporating material after it has been surface-applied. Incorporation is often used to prevent issues with run-off and/or odor.

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