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Lagoon Cleaning and Lagoon Remediation/Closure Services

Burch Hydro offers multiple solutions for the removal of accumulated biosolids, lime sludge or other materials from storage lagoons and ponds. We have the proper equipment and the expertise required to tackle any lagoon regardless of its condition or size.

Lagoon Cleaning

Types of Lagoons/Ponds Serviced

Listed below are several types of lagoons that Burch Hydro routinely services - however, there is no lagoon that we will not conquer!

  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Lagoons
  • Lime Sludge Lagoons
  • Alum/Ferric Chloride Lagoons
  • Sedimentation Ponds
  • Manure Pits
  • Incinerator Ash Ponds
  • Coal Fine Ponds

Lagoon Cleaning

Types of Lagoon Cleaning Services Offered by Burch Hydro

Every lagoon project is unique. Material consistencies and quantities, lagoon conditions, access, owner preferences, and disposal/reuse issues are all considerations that must be made in determining how to successfully complete a project. Burch Hydro has the capability to handle any combination of these details.

Lagoon cleaning services offered by Burch Hydro include:

  • Water pumping
  • Bypassing influent flows
  • Pump removal of liquid materials
  • Dredge removal of liquid materials
  • Excavation of dewatered materials
  • Lime stabilization of materials
  • On-site dewatering
  • Access improvements
  • Restoration and remediation of earthen lagoon dikes and bottoms
  • Lagoon closure including backfilling and compaction

In addition to our lagoon cleaning services, Burch Hydro can transport removed materials off-site for land application or landfill disposal. Our turnkey approach is efficient and comprehensive providing our customers with a prompt and cost-effective solution.

If our lagoon cleaning, remediation or closure services are of interest to you, click the button below, complete the form and submit it. Or, just give us a call.

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