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Digester and Sludge Tank Cleaning Services

Removal of residual sludge from digesters and other storage and process tanks can often be unexpectedly challenging. The material itself is often very dense and gritty with significant amounts of large debris. The work environment is harsh and often requires confined space entry. Successful completion of these types of projects requires a contractor specialized in handling challenges such as these.

Why Should you Consider Burch Hydro for your next Digester/Tank Cleaning Project?

Burch Hydro is your digester and tank cleaning specialist. Our expertise and many years of experience allow us to provide the most complete and efficient digester cleaning services available.


Thirty years of cleaning digesters has led us to develop several novel and reliable methods for sludge removal. The method(s) we utilize varies from project to project and is dependent on the tank configuration, characteristics of the sludge and available disposal options.


Burch Hydro owns the proper equipment necessary to handle the debris and grit that accumulates in tank bottoms. This minimizes downtime due to plugging of equipment and equipment failures and ensures complete sludge removal.


We know what it takes to get digester cleaning jobs done and done quickly. Our field crew is ambitious, professional and highly knowledgeable. We will adjust our work schedule and work hours as necessary to ensure that we meet our customer’s deadline.


Confined space entry is commonly required for digester cleaning projects. Our field employees are trained in proper confined space procedures and appropriate safety equipment and PPE is used during sludge removal.

Digester Cleaning

Digester Cleaning and Related Services

Burch Hydro offers several different types of sludge removal services, in addition to sludge processing and disposal services that can be performed in conjunction with the cleaning:

Digester Cleaning

Types of Tanks Cleaned

Burch Hydro has experience removing accumulated sludge residuals and other materials from various types of tanks including:

  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Digester Tanks
  • Sludge Storage Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks
  • BLR Tanks
  • Clarifiers
  • Oxidation Ditches
  • Industrial Septic Tanks

These are just some of the more common types of tanks that we encounter.

We are willing to tackle any tank of any type or size.

Other Services We Provide:


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