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Hauling Services for Sludge and Other Materials

Burch Hydro owns, operates, and maintains a diverse fleet of hauling equipment including dump trucks, enclosed tanker trucks and flatbeds. We are experienced in loading and hauling a variety of materials including biosolids, lime, coal fines, incinerator ash, manure, aggregate and compost.

Bulk Product Transportation

Types of Hauling Performed by Burch Hydro

The vast majority of our hauling services are performed in conjunction with other services, such as land application, landfill disposal or biosolids management programs. Burch Hydro has the capability to haul almost any type of material in a safe and professional manner.

Dump Truck Hauling

Burch Hydro owns a fleet of newer and well-maintained dump trucks equipped with tarps, tailgate locks and tailgate seals to prevent material spillage or leakage.

Liquid Hauling

Semi trucks with full-size sealed tanker trailers are used to haul a variety of liquid materials.

Equipment Moving

Several sizes of flatbed trailers are used for hauling our own pumping, earthmoving and land application equipment from one jobsite to another.

Bulk Product Transportation

Burch Hydro Hauling Principles

Properly Trained Drivers

Burch Hydro uses only properly licensed and trained drivers for hauling services. Drivers are trained on proper loading procedures, ensuring a secure load and how to properly respond in emergency situations.

Properly Maintained Equipment

Burch Hydro self-performs the vast majority of its equipment maintenance. Daily inspections are performed, preventative maintenance is scheduled and detailed records are kept on each piece of equipment. Our equipment is kept clean and in proper working order.

Appropriate Routes

Transportation routes are mapped out in advance and are routed to avoid high-traffic areas, dangerous areas and load-limited areas as much as possible. Hauling permits are obtained whenever necessary.

Burch Hydro is always interested in finding responsible and experienced drivers to join our team! If you are a licensed truck driver interested in a job at Burch Hydro, please visit our careers page and apply!

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