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Biosolids Program Management

Burch Hydro has developed and implemented successful programs for the management of municipal biosolids, organic industrial sludges and other organic waste products including water treatment plant lime for over 30 years. Our approach focuses on the beneficial reuse of these products and returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

Our Program Goals

Sludge is the often overlooked result of successful wastewater treatment. Though it can often be a valuable resource to farmers, the work involved in realizing that value can be overwhelming. That is where we come in! Our job is to take these products and transform them into assets.

  • Adapt our program to meet the scheduling and budget needs of the biosolids/sludge generators.
  • Develop a market for the product by working closely with local farmers.
  • Inform and educate the public about the work we are performing and why.
  • Treat and/or process the material, as necessary, to maximize its value.
Our Program Goals

Biosolids and Sludge Services

Our programs can be tailored to include any combination of services. Check all that apply to your organization, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Sludge Management Plans

Burch Hydro can develop sludge management plans as required by the Ohio EPA, or as may be required by other state Environmental Protection Agencies.

Sludge Testing

Burch Hydro can sample sludge as required by your NPDES permit. We use reliable laboratories to perform analysis of sludge samples.


Burch Hydro can provide sludge stabilization, per EPA regulations, by the addition of hydrate lime. Learn more about our biosolids stabilization service.


Burch Hydro can use one of several methods to mechanically dewater liquid sludge to produce a cake product. Learn more about our sludge dewatering services.


Burch Hydro can provide safe and reliable transportation for any type of product, whether liquid or dewatered. Learn more about our product transportation services.

Land Application Site Permitting

Burch Hydro will seek out local farm sites for land application and gather and submit the required data to the EPA for permitting.

Land Application

Burch Hydro can provide a variety of services related to the application of biosolids and other products to farm fields for the enhancement of soil. Learn more about our land application services.


Burch Hydro will contract with local landfills, when necessary, for proper disposal of products that cannot be beneficially reused. Learn more about our landfill service.


Burch Hydro can produce all of the reporting required by the EPA for the use or disposal of these products. Reporting is accurate and timely.

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