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Agronomic Consulting Services

Burch Hydro maintains a staff of educated and trained agronomists to help you determine if any of our services or products would be a good fit for your farming operation!

Typical Topics of Discussion

An agronomist will meet you at your location at a time convenient for you to discuss the following:

  • Current soil deficiencies and planned crops
  • Products available in your area that could correct soil deficiencies and provide proper crop nutrition
  • Possible limitations resulting from field location or geographic features (slope, access, etc.)
  • Our site permitting process for biosolids applications
  • Application scheduling needs and requirements
  • Our process and equipment for land application of biosolids, lime, of other materials
  • Expected costs
  • Expected results regarding nutrients applied, increased yields, and future applications
  • Estimated savings compared to commercially available products
  • Reporting provided by Burch Hydro following application of biosolids or other products

Providing Municipalities with Valuable Insight
to Help Develop Successful Land Application Programs

Burch Hydro’s Agronomy Department can be instrumental in the development of your successful biosolids management program.

Our knowledgeable and experienced agronomists can help a wastewater plant determine:

  • The value of your biosolids based on the nutrients it contains
  • How to time land application to coincide with cropping schedules and provide the best market for the material
  • Identify the most probable locations for land application based upon travel routes, soil characteristics and availability of farm ground
  • Assemble and submit a Sludge Management Plan to the EPA for approval and revise and renew existing Sludge Management Plans
  • Determine the best options available for meeting Vector Attraction Reduction if it is not met in the treatment process
  • Identify any potential issues with land application in regards to sludge analysis, consistency, debris content or storage limitations

Learn more about how Burch Hydro serves the farmer and contact us to schedule a visit!

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