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Lime Sludge from Water Treatment Plants

Lime is often used to adjust the pH of water after it has undergone treatment at a water plant. The lime is then wasted to storage lagoons or tanks. Burch Hydro removes the lime sludge from these storage areas and provides it to local farmers as an effective and economical pH adjuster for crop ground.

Advantages of Using Lime Sludge in Agriculture

Powerful pH Adjuster

Lime sludge from water treatment plants is as effective as agricultural lime in its ability to neutralize soil acidity.

Economic Substitute for Ag Lime

Lime sludge is a by-product of water treatment and is highly available in certain parts of the country, such as Ohio. When compared to the cost of agricultural lime, it is typically significantly cheaper on a ‘cost per acre’ basis.

Cost Effective Option for Water Plants

Water plants with limited storage capacity for lime sludge can rely on agricultural land application as a cost effective and sustainable solution. The cost to the plant for removal and land application is typically much less than the cost of other disposal methods, particularly landfill disposal. Most municipalities benefit from the agricultural value of the material and the demand is typically high.

Water Treatment Plant Lime

Burch Hydro Lime Sludge Services

Burch Hydro provides farmers with a variety of services regarding the application of water treatment lime sludge:


An agronomist from Burch Hydro will visit your farm to analyze your current needs, provide information about the lime sludge available in your area, and arrange delivery and application.


Burch Hydro will deliver lime to your field(s) per your instructions.

Field Application

We specialize in land application and can provide you with an outstanding application service. However if the lime sludge is dewatered, and you prefer to do the application yourself, Burch Hydro can simply stockpile the material for your later use.


Burch Hydro will provide you with documentation so that you have a record of which fields were covered, when the material was delivered and/or applied the quantity of lime received, and it’s neutralizing power.

If you are in need of agricultural lime, please contact us to determine if we have water plant lime sludge available in your area and to learn how we can save you money!

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