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Municipal Biosolids from Wastewater Treatment Plants

The treatment of wastewater yields a nutrient-rich sludge product that can often be further treated for use on agricultural crop ground as an alternative to commercial fertilizers.

Municipal Biosolids

Characteristics of Biosolids

Biosolids can vary physically and in composition depending on where they were generated and the treatment processes used.

Contain Significant Amounts of N and P

Biosolids are typically high in nitrogen and phosphorus and also contain a certain amount of potassium.

Liquid or Semi-Solid in Form

Most biosolids are applied in either a liquid form, containing anywhere from 1% to 15% solid matter, or in a semi-solid form, soil-like in nature, that contains anywhere from 13% to upwards of 25% solid matter.

Contain Micronutrients

Biosolids will contain a variety of micronutrients needed for crop development, such as zinc, molybdenum, copper and iron, among others.

High in Organic Matter

Biosolids consist of 50% to 70%, or more, organic matter.

Advantages to Using Biosolids

Using biosolids in lieu of, or in supplementation to, chemical fertilizers can provide a farmer with several advantages.

Improved Soil Structure

Biosolids application will increase the amount of organic matter in soil, improving the soil structure.

Increased Water and Nutrient Holding Capacity

The improvement in soil structure will also improve a soils ability to retain both nutrients and water making them more available for plant uptake.

Increased Microbial Activity

The addition of biosolids will increase the activity and diversity of microbial organisms, improving the breakdown of compounds in the soil and increasing the availability of nutrients.

Significant Cost Savings

When compared to the cost of commercial fertilizer, the cost of biosolids application is typically significantly less.

Increased Yields

Most farmers report a substantial increase in yields on fields fertilized with biosolids.

Please visit our Biosolids 101 section to learn more about biosolids, how they are used and their advantages!

Burch Hydro Biosolids Services

Burch Hydro offers several services to farmers receiving biosolids:


A Burch Hydro Agronomist will visit your field(s) to discuss your needs and answer your questions about the biosolids we offer in your area.

Site Permitting

Burch Hydro will take care of the entire process required for obtaining site permitting for biosolids application for each of your fields.


Biosolids will be delivered to your site per your requirements.

Biosolids Application

Burch Hydro will apply biosolids to your field(s) at pre-determined rates.


Farmers are provided with accurate reporting for each applied field indicating the quantity of biosolids applied, when it was applied and the nutrients received.

Learn more about various services provided by Burch Hydro!

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