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Providing Solutions for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Generators

Burch Hydro provides a variety of solutions for municipal and industrial generators of non-hazardous wastewater sludge. Each of our customers is unique with distinct needs and requirements. We excel at adapting our services to meet your unique criteria!

Waste Generator

Types of By-Product Sludge Managed by Burch Hydro

We have handled hundreds of different types of materials over the lifetime of our business. Our goal is to reuse and recycle, whenever permissible, as many of the materials that we handle as possible. Some of the more typical materials that we manage are:

  • Municipal Biosolids
  • Water Plant Lime Sludge
  • Food/Beverage Processing Plant Waste
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Sludge
  • Ferric/Alum Sludge from Water Treatment
  • Wood Ash
  • Incinerator Ash
  • Compost
  • Manure

Sludge Management Services Offered by Burch Hydro

The management of biosolids and other types of sludge has been our specialty for over 35 years. No two projects and no two sludges are exactly the same - which makes it necessary for us to provide a diverse array of services to make each project successful.


Regardless of how your sludge is stored or its consistency, Burch Hydro has the equipment and the knowledge necessary to remove it from your facility. Learn more about our sludge removal services including lagoon cleaning, pumping, digester cleaning and material hauling.


Occasionally it is necessary for sludge to undergo additional processing, such as dewatering or lime stabilization, in addition to the normal treatment process. Burch Hydro is able to provide these services on a temporary or continuous basis.

Reuse and/or Disposal

Reuse and recycling of these materials, such as in land application, is often much more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than disposal. Our objective is to utilize land application whenever possible. When land application is not an option, we also offer landfill disposal services.


Burch Hydro is experienced in the permitting and reporting required for any of its sludge management practices and we offer these services to our customers saving you valuable administrative dollars.

Sludge Drying Technology Offered by Burch BioWave

Burch BioWave, an affiliated company, also offers our customers exclusive access to the Burch BioWave® Process. Our patented process is the only process utilizing microwave energy as the primary means for drying and treating sludge. Learn more about how our drying process works and how it could benefit your plant!

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