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Sludge Removal Services for Water and Wastewater Rehab Projects

Burch Hydro is experienced in working with General Contractors to perform services related to sludge removal that may be necessary on water and wastewater rehabilitation projects.

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Why You Should Hire Burch Hydro for Your Next Project


Sludge removal is an often under-thought part of a rehab project. But the scope of work is often not easily accomplished and can cost a significant amount of money. Burch Hydro has the knowledge to get the job done efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

Accurate Estimates

We do as much investigation as possible on any project before putting together a proposal so that you can be confident that you have the right number in your bid.


Burch Hydro has the right equipment and the right people to perform the required work as quickly and as professionally as possible eliminating unexpected delays.


Our field crews are trained on OSHA policies including, but not limited to, fall protection, PPE and confined space. Our drivers are properly licensed and our equipment is inspected and properly maintained so that it operates safely and reliably.

Prevailing Wage

Burch Hydro is well acquainted with prevailing wage laws, both federal and state, and has the proper administrative tools and personnel in place to comply with any and all requirements.

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