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Providing Farmers with Nutrient-Rich Alternative Fertilizers

Burch Hydro provides a variety of agricultural services related to the reuse of biosolids, water plant lime and other similar products with agricultural benefits. Our services are customized to meet the needs of each individual farmer and each unique farm field. The farmer is our ultimate customer and we strive to make each farmer’s experience with Burch Hydro a positive one.

Agricultural Services Provided by Burch Hydro

Land Application Services

Product Delivery

Burch Hydro will provide the transportation of the product to your farm field.

Field Application of Dry Products

Biosolids, lime sludge, and other products managed by Burch Hydro in semi-solid forms are applied using ‘side-slinger’ type manure spreaders.

Field Application of Liquid Products

Biosolids, lime sludge, and other products managed by Burch Hydro in liquid states are applied with field applicator units designed to prohibit spills, minimize compaction, and provide predictable and even application.

Sub-Surface Injection or Incorporation

Burch Hydro can inject liquid biosolids below the soil surface or incorporate at the time of application. Dry biosolids can be incorporated following surface application.

Agronomy Services

Soil Testing

Standardized sampling techniques and reputable laboratories are used to analyze current soil conditions to determine deficiencies.

Site Permitting

Farm fields must be permitted through the EPA to receive biosolids applications. Burch Hydro will gather all of the required information and make the submittal to the EPA for approval.

Application Rate Calculation

Soil test results, product analyses, regulation considerations, geography, and other factors are analyzed and used to determine the most beneficial agronomic rate at which the product should be applied.


Following field application, Burch Hydro will provide information regarding actual rates of application for the product applied so that the farmer knows exactly what he received.

What to Expect

A field application by Burch Hydro often combines several of the services listed above. The following is a typical progression of events when working with Burch Hydro:

1. Initial Consultation

You will be visited by one of Burch Hydro’s trained agronomists to discuss your needs and how Burch Hydro may assist you.

2. Soil Testing & Field Information Collection

Burch Hydro will collect soil samples for testing and will gather the information necessary for site permitting, if permitting is necessary.

3. Site Permitting Submittal

Soil test results and field data will be assembled and submitted to the EPA for approval, if site permitting is necessary.

4. Coordination with Farmer

Soil test results and other factors will be discussed with the farmer to determine how best to meet the needs of the field. Delivery/Application scheduling will be discussed so that the farmer knows when to expect Burch Hydro to be on-site.

5. Product Delivery

The product will be delivered to the farm field and either applied immediately, or sometimes in the case of semi-solid products, will be stockpiled for future application.

6. Field Application

Field application will take place when field conditions are suitable.

7. Reporting

Reports will be generated and sent to the farmer stating exactly what was applied to the field.

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