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Working with Engineers to Help Ensure Successful Projects

Burch Hydro and Burch BioWave both will work closely with City or County Engineers or hired design professionals during project planning and throughout the course of a project.

Biosolids and Sludge Removal Projects

Burch Hydro will work with City and County Engineers, or contracted design professionals, in order to determine the best strategy for sludge removal on a project.

Factors to Consider on Sludge and Biosolids Removal Projects


Cost is often the limiting factor on any project. Burch Hydro has the expertise necessary to assist in your feasibility study to establish the best option available and its estimated cost.


Land application, when appropriate, is often the most inexpensive and beneficial option for the disposal of biosolids and other sludges. But land application is highly dependent upon season and weather which should be considered in project planning. Likewise, many sludge removal projects are costlier, and sometimes impossible, to perform in winter months.

Disposal/Reuse Options

When planning a sludge removal project, all available options for reuse and disposal should be considered. Material analyses should be done to help determine which options are appropriate.

Location and Access

Location of the plant, location of the potential application sites, road conditions and limitations, and access to the work sites should all be examined. These factors can all have an effect on how the work should be performed.

Burch Hydro can assist in evaluating these factors and determining how they may potentially affect the overall success of any sludge removal project. Please call us today to discuss your upcoming project!


Sludge and Biosolids Drying Projects

Burch BioWave, and Burch BioWave representatives, will work closely with engineers during the design phase of a sludge or biosolids drying project.

Design Phase Services

System Sizing

Burch BioWave will gather the necessary information to determine the appropriate size system required for the project and will provide estimates for energy consumption and maintenance costs. Fill out our online questionnaire to start this process now!

Preparation of Budgetary Proposal

A budgetary proposal outlining standard system components and any alternative or auxiliary components will be prepared and submitted for review.

Preliminary Footprint Drawings

Burch BioWave will provide preliminary footprint drawings for use in building design or modification.

System Specifications

Detailed equipment specifications for the Burch BioWave system and process can be provided for inclusion in construction documents.

Learn more about Burch BioWave and services we provide.

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