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Burch BioWave®

Our Process

The Burch BioWave® process was developed and patented in 2000 by Burch Hydro President, Mike Burch, who sought to produce an energy-efficient method of reducing sludge volume and treating sludge to create Class A biosolids. The world’s first microwave sludge dryer was engineered and installed by Burch BioWave in 2004 and is still in full operation.

BioWave Process

About the Burch BioWave® Process

The process utilizes high-powered microwave energy as the primary means of heating and treating municipal biosolids and other sludges. The inherent and unique properties of microwave energy and the exclusive features of Burch BioWave® systems give our process distinct advantages over other types of sludge and biosolids drying systems.

Facts About the Burch BioWave® Process

  • Efficiently removes water using microwave energy and a small amount of natural gas or propane
  • Reduces pathogenic content to below detectable levels
  • Meets the Time-Temperature regime established by the USEPA for producing Class A biosolids
  • Reduces weight and volume by drastically reducing water content
  • Handles various types of sludges containing no free liquids (usually 14% TS or greater)
  • Achieves any desired degree of moisture removal up to 90% total solids, or greater in some cases
  • Treats material in a continuous flow, rather than a batch process

Applications for the Burch BioWave® Process

Municipal Biosolids




Food/Beverage Industry Wastes

Industry Wastes

Paper Pulp


Other Semi-Solid Sludges

Semi-Solid Sludges

Benefits of Sludge Drying

  • 1

    Quantity Reduction is the most common advantage sought by potential customers. Many plants are moderately to severely restricted in terms of storage space and mounting pressure from regulatory agencies to possess adequate storage is requiring plants to find ways to reduce the quantity of material that must be stored.

  • 2

    Pathogen Reduction is another reason to dry sludge. For certain types of sludges containing pathogenic organisms, such as municipal biosolids or manure, there are sometimes advantages in regulatory requirements for managing these sludges if these organisms can be reduced or destroyed.

  • 3

    Improving Product Quality and Marketability is another, often significant, advantage to drying sludge. Municipal biosolids, manure and other organic sludges are valuable reusable products and that value can often be increased by removing water content and destroying unwanted organisms.

Possible Uses for Dried Biosolids/Sludges

Retail Fertilizers




Land Application


Manufactured Topsoil



Fuel Source

Animal Feed

Animal Feed (Food/Beverage Waste Sludges)

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