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Burch BioWave®

Features and Advantages

Microwave technology was first used in WWII and has since been adapted for use in a variety of industries for a multitude of purposes, including drying. As a result, the technology is very robust and extremely reliable.

Burch BioWave has adapted the science of microwave drying for the benefit of the wastewater industry by repurposing equipment designed for use in the food industry. The result is a highly efficient and safe sludge drying process utilizing quality equipment.

Features and Components of Burch BioWave Systems

BioWave Feature

Microwave Transmitters

Each microwave transmitter contains a magnetron tube which is responsible for converting electric power into microwave energy. Transmitters can be operated to produce any amount of microwave power up to its rated capacity, usually either 75 kW or 100 kW. Burch BioWave systems can include one or more transmitters.

BioWave Feature

Modular Oven Cavity

The oven cavity is where the microwave energy is introduced to the material being dried. The cavities are specifically engineered to handle a certain amount of microwave energy. A single cavity is approximately 12 feet in length and multiple cavities can be bolted together in a single system.

BioWave Feature

Aluminum Waveguides

Waveguides are the hollow ducts specially designed to conduct the microwave energy from the transmitter to the oven cavity. They are flanged, light-weight and easy to assemble in any configuration.

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Main Conveyor Belt

Material is conveyed through the oven cavity on a unique conveyor belt constructed of heat resistant material.

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Feed Assembly

Each system is fitted with a feed assembly that includes a small hopper to collect the input material and distribute it evenly across the main conveyor belt as the material is fed into the oven cavity.

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Stainless Steel Construction

Burch BioWave equipment is constructed with stainless steel to resist corrosion.

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Gas Burner/Exhaust Assembly

The Burch BioWave process utilizes a small gas-fired burner to heat the air inside of the oven cavity to aid in exhausting the vaporized moisture out of the system.

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PLC and Control Software

Each system is fully programmed and controlled with current Allen Bradley software and comes equipped with a touchscreen PLC.

Burch BioWave Advantages

The Burch BioWave process offers several significant advantages over other comparable drying systems and over other processes that product Class A biosolids.

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Energy Efficient

The properties of microwave energy make it perfect for heating a water load. Consequently, almost all of the microwave energy produced by the system is used in heating the water molecules resulting in very little energy loss when compared to conventional heating methods.

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Volumetric Heating

Microwaves create heat within the product being heated. Most dryers require a warm-up period before processing begins resulting in an extreme waste of energy and requiring that the system be operated for long periods of time in order to minimize the number of warm-ups necessary. The Burch BioWave system is ready to process material immediately upon start-up with no warm-up required. Additionally, no extreme temperatures are generated which significantly increases safety for operators.

BioWave Feature

Modular and Redundant Design

Burch BioWave systems are both modular and repetitive in their design. For this reason, the systems are very easy to expand as future demands may require. Additionally, it is rare that a Burch BioWave system is totally inoperable. The redundancy allows the system to remain in operation even when maintenance is required.

BioWave Feature

Highly Customizable

There is no one-size-fits-all system. Each system is designed and configured to meet each customer’s unique criteria.

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Volume Reduction

Storage, trucking, beneficial reuse and disposal costs are all directly related to the amount of material to be managed. Reducing volume results immediately in reduced cost to manage the material as well as maximizes available storage.

BioWave Feature

Simple Single-Pass Process

The single-pass process means that there are no conveyors recycling previously dried material back into the system. Once the material exits the system, it is fully treated.

BioWave Feature

No-Dust Drying

Unlike most sludge dryers which require the material to be agitated to ensure even heating, microwave dryers agitate the microwave energy itself. Eliminating the need to agitate the material eliminates the creation of dust and the resulting safety hazards and emission issues.

BioWave Feature

Easy Maintenance

The Burch BioWave process involves very few moving/wearing parts and equipment is constructed of high-quality materials resulting in systems with extraordinarily long lifetimes. Maintenance and upkeep are simple and straight-forward.

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