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Burch BioWave®


Burch BioWave Inc. is a company based in central Ohio that offers exclusive technology for the treatment and drying of municipal biosolids and other types of semi-solid sludges. Burch BioWave developed, tested, and patented their process in 2000 which uses highly efficient microwaves as its primary source of energy.

The company and process were formed by employees of Burch Hydro Inc., in response to evolving needs in the municipal sludge industry. New requirements were forcing wastewater plants to address certain issues and Burch was committed to providing solutions for its customers.

Wastewater Plant Issues Addressed by Burch BioWave

  • Need for Increased Storage Capacity
  • Need to create a more Stabilized and Desirable Biosolids
  • Need to Reduce Costs for Reuse and/or Disposal

The Burch BioWave process was designed to address all of these issues by reducing weight and volume of treated sludge and by creating biosolids that meet the criteria for Class A designation. Learn more about the many advantages offered by the Burch BioWave process.

Services Provided by Burch BioWave, Inc.

In addition to providing high-quality equipment and an efficient process that can transform waste into a valuable resource, Burch BioWave offers a variety of other services to its customers.

Superior Engineering and Customization

Burch BioWave’s engineers work closely with each customer to gain a proper understanding of the customer’s needs. The process and equipment can be tailored in a variety of ways to meet those needs, often providing the customer with several options to choose from. Resulting equipment sizing and budgetary costs are accurate and reliable.

Learn more about how Burch BioWave works with design professionals and waste generators.


Burch BioWave can perform installation of the equipment when desired by the customer. Burch BioWave employees are trained and experienced in the proper installation of the systems and work in an efficient and safe manor.

Start-Up, Commissioning and Training

Burch BioWave will provide an experienced technician to oversee proper start-up and commissioning of its systems. These technicians will also instruct the customer’s personnel on the proper operation, upkeep and maintenance on each system. Technicians are also available to provide refresher training to customer’s personnel if necessary.

Post-Warranty Maintenance and Support

Burch BioWave maintains knowledgeable staff that is available to provide customer support when needed. Most support can be accomplished over the phone, or via modem connection to the system itself. When maintenance is necessary, Burch BioWave can provide experienced service technicians to troubleshoot and repair the system. Routine maintenance contracts are also available.

Spare Parts and Parts Ordering

Burch BioWave can recommend and provide an assortment of spare parts for the customer to maintain on-site. Most parts, however, are available to be shipped to the customer within a day or two of contact. Ordering parts is simple and invoicing is accurate.


For customers that are interested in subcontracting the operation of their system, Burch BioWave can provide trained operators for this purpose.


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